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Edith Piaf and Django Reinhardt




Hey friends: My DIY Guide to Fighting the Big Motherfuckin’ Sad book is about to go out of print. Pioneers Press is going to reprint it but it’ll be a couple months before that happens. If you want one before they’re gone, now’s the chance.

Buy this book. Adam is one of my favourite persons


More awesome/terrifying footage of SocioBot.

This is terrifying.

Full Dr Easy

History of Roads and Net Neutrality with Jo Guldi (Full interview) [Notes]

Britan before roads sucked in 1700 - would have taken you several days to get from one town to another

  • Different towns built different roads
    • fancy roads vs muddy ruts

This was beginning of the enlightenment
In 1780 land owners were reading Adam smith and they realised that with infra they could break local monopolies by building inter kingdom road building

  • Highland clearances happening at the same time.
  • 1000’s of miles of road were built, internally within the kingdom by the state
    • road building was utopian
      • not so much trickle down economics but economic diffusion via the roads.
      • by connecting people to the metropolises wealth could be shared

Daily life changed

  • more travellers
  • more strangers
  • more meaning of ‘what a crowed is’

Caused and increasing deviation between social classes.

  • Poor travelled the furthest along these roads on foot
  • Different social groups from poor to radical political actors realised they could use the roads as a system of organisation.
    • launched movements
      • soldiers, poor, theatrical players, Methodists
  • Divisions begin to form - middle class people cocoon themselves in their coaches and use their (newly invented) guide books.
    • class divisions form around where people stay
  • Middle class don’t need to speak to other people on the roads any more.
    • they dont interact with working class people

Information transmission on the net

  • Fast spread of ideas when roads were built.
    • John Wesley saw that the roads were a perfect way of launching political change via the network
    • Wesley organises people who are good at meeting strangers - soldiers to spread the word of god.

Proto internet infra

  • Comparison of roads to net neutrality
    • We grew up in a world where we have road nutalrity
    • Open road movement of early 19c
      • walk from one side of town to the other side of town with out paying a turnpike tax
        • toll gates
      • Poor people and Political radicals thought this was a stupid idea.
      • Poor Didn’t want to pay to get to work
        • They broke down the turnpikes so they could get to work
  • Should the internet physically infra be paid for like federal road building ?
  • Political interests in open road movement = Radicals VS Middle Class
    • Note : The radicals were also people that envisioned capitalism/ and its opportunities throughout the entire nation not just local cities with their toll roads.
      • They argued against local entrepreneurs to think abuot the wider state

Nature of infra to change society

  • Body of utopian thinking in 1850 - hypothesised what tech could do all on its own.
    • They thought it there would be no more ethnic differences, no more poverty
      • This sounds like contemporary Ray Kurzweil
    • Its the politics of who owns infra and who pays for it that are more important than the outcomes.
  • Technology is a site of politics
    • The lesson of the early infra state is about the techs design and purpose
    • Dangers of exclusion of access to infra are very real

People were so utopian about infra because we as humans like to envision better futures.

  • The civil engineer was invented during the infra states invention
    • They were not trained to look at the politics or ethics of what they were doing
    • We handed over more and more of the economy over to these quantitative job roles
      • We ignored the social questions of tech (who is connected and how are they connected etc)

The localist movement in towns in 19th Century

  • What happened when libertarians in England were tired about paying for Scottish roads
  • They take over the road building managers and disconnect Ireland and Scotland - no new roads were built for 100 years.

Who are the new Localists?

Thus, the modern state, which did not create capitalism but only inherited it, sometimes acts in its favor and at other times acts against it; it sometimes allows capitalism to expand and at other times destroys its mainspring. Capitalism only triumphs when it becomes identified with the state, when it is the state.

- Fernand Braudel, (1977) Afterthoughts on Material Civilization and Capitalism, (pp. 92-3).

The Stack is a trap that leans through time


ACRONYM is outdoor wear for cyberpunks. Check out their lookbook at The New Artemis.

want top and bottom right //

it was titled “A REALISTIC JAKE EYE” and the description was a phone number

it was titled “A REALISTIC JAKE EYE” and the description was a phone number

To speak of disaster communism is to recognise that if communism is to emerge, it will do so in the anthropocene. As capitalism accelerates climate change, ‘possible’ reforms become utopian and ‘impossible’ revolution becomes realistic. We live in strange times. The bourgeoisie is blasting and ruining not just its world, but the Earth systems which sustain human civilisation. We are going to inherit ruins and abandoned cities, there is only the slightest doubt about that. But we still also know how to build, and to build better.

Extreme Astronomy - Seeing Stars

Humanity still stares at the stars.

Every single god damn night.

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